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Data Visualization Platform for China Tomb Paintings


该平台根据墓葬壁画研究的需要,将时间、地点、壁画信息、研究成果等聚合成为一个综合的视觉化平台,让研究者可以主动选择不同的方式观察复杂的墓室壁画信息数据。 这种新的研究工具,不仅将向研究者展示出多维的墓葬壁画信息景观, 还能为美术史教育提供支持,让学生更容易以直观地方式理解千年墓葬壁画的分布、历史经纬。

主要功能包括: 以时间聚合、以地点聚合、以墓室空间位置聚合,以关键字检索及聚合墓室壁画图像信息。项目最终将放置云端,让全球的美术史研究者可以通过互联网接入本平台,快速检索和使用,从而增进学术交流、学术成果分享等,最终促进国内、国际间同行专家间的协同合作。


This is a on-going Data Visulization project based on the book co-authored by Prof. He Xilin from CAFA and Prof. Li Qingquan from GAFA. Prof. He and Prof. Li are world famous researchers on China Tomb Painting History, their book History of China Tomb Paintings collected hundreds of pictures from Han Dynasty starting BC 202 till Qing Dynasty ending 1911. This project established the first database of China Tomb Painting based on the book, then collected more related data from other books, research papers and also internet, and developed a comprehensive visulized data platform that combined information of image, text, time and location together at one look. The Platform can help researchers and users from all over the world work indepently, easier and faster to get to the points, and share their views. It is academic and educational. The work is still on-going.

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