VozMob is a display design project to exhibit Vojo, a co-design project of MIT Center for Civic Media, at the OCT-LOFT Design festival 2013 in Shenzhen China.

Our design mission is to visually articulate the a high-low tech new media design project into an expressive and understandable space from MIT's academic research documentations and visual files for Chinese design-concern audiences.

We put the separated walls of Vojo concept, team, sample cases into connected red strings as plot threads to tell the story, for displaying how Vojo works, what's the value of Vojo, develop team team and where the design concept generated.

Check out the following short video to see the demo:

For a faster link outside GFW, please check out here.

Authorized By: Sasha Costanza-Chock, founder of Vojo

Technical Support: Vozmob / Vojo / wind map of Sandy Storm

This design work attended The Design Edge: Inside/Outside in the OCT-LOFT Creative Festival 2013, Shenzhen China, November 2013