Z Lab

Z Lab is a research lab founded by Fan Xiang from Tsinghua University and Shunshan (Sam) Zhu from Cloud Dynamics Inc. in 2015. Z Lab focuses on data visualization of complicated social behaviors and collective activities, dynamic media design and digital arts read more...


Award Puzzle is an interactive data visulization work to visualize 2276 oil painting works awarded in 6th through 12th China National Exhibition of Fine Arts. Know more about it or play with it.

Award Puzzle was originally designed for a full HD screen installation, run offline. Accordingly, please excuse us, if it takes long to load, runs slow, or behaves not 100% as expected.

For better performance, faster accessing devices with larger displays are recommended. 为保证用户体验,推荐使用CPU、内存以及显示器配置较高的访问设备。
Tai-chi Quan inspired from the motion of universe, Chinese believes that slow body movement helps to gather invisible power from universe, and balances inner turbulences to harmonization.more...