"Place incarnates the experiences and aspirations of a people. Place is not only a fact to be explained in the broader frame of space, but it is also a reality to be clarified and understood from the perspectives of the people who have given it meaning." ---- Yifu Tuan

The geotagged photos posted on Sina Weibo from three hot art districts, Beijing 798 Art District, Shenzhen OCT-LOFT and Guangzhou Red Brick Factory Creative Park, were arranged into a 24 hours chronological circle, which showed the rhythm of artistic places.

Although we made the Place Rhythm as a live photo visualization experiment, we've been surprised by the people riddle it for: curators have observed the art event patterns; city planners have casted a concern on the rhythm of places; and we've seen people surprised at self-portraits taking happens everywhere, always.

Place Rhythm shows how these three main cities define arts. Shenzhen people waked up late and would come to hang around in the artistic ambiance till night time; Beijing had more visitors to emerge in the hustle and bustle of art events, and had no time or space to stay longer. Comparatively, Guangzhou had less visitors.

Check out the following short video to see the demo:

For a faster link outside GFW, please check out here.

About the data: photos came from the Sina Weibo open API. These were the photos posted from the end of 2012 to August 7th,2014.

About the technique: this project was implemented entirely using Processing.