Fan Xiang -- 向帆

Fan Xiang

Visual Designer

Fan Xiang is a graphic designer and an educator. Her activities vary from graphic design, signage design to digital arts.

Fan is known for her visualization-based artworks. A key project is AwardPuzzle which is an online interactive visualization platform that encourages people to explore the "winning tips" through data of national art competition, and it triggers public attentions on ideology management in visual arts. She is fascinated to synthesize graphic design and technology as a telescope into unseen reality.

Before getting into digital arts, Fan focused on research of signage, pictogram design in Japan and China. She authors a book, Wayfinding Signage System Design, and a series of research papers.

Fan holds two MFAs and a BA degree from China, Japan and US. She is currently an Associate Professor at Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing China. Fan is a Chinese and obsessed with the taste and flavor of Uji Matcha tea.

Shunshan (Sam) Zhu -- 朱舜山

Sam Zhu

Software Engineer/Data Scientist

Shunshan Zhu is an engineer who loves solving problems. He tried to be a scientist, but figured out he was more an engineer then quit from a PhD program in Computer Science. His expertise includes neural network, data collection, database, WAN optimization, cloud computing and data visualization. Currently he is also interested in digital arts, dynamic media, location based services, open hardware etc.

Before he found his interests in data visualization and new media, Shunshan has been working in Enterprise Software industry for more than 15 years. Most of his working experiences were in Massachusetts USA. He worked for GTE Labs (Telecommunication, now Verizon), BMC Software (System Data Collection on Unix/Windows/Linux), Gotuit (Video on Demand) and Certeon (WAN Acceleration), and he also spent a few years working on his own startup software company focus on WAN optimization, internet security and cloud computing products.

Shunshan got a BE degree in Computer Engineering, a MS degree in Biophysics in China and also earned a MS degree in Computer Science in US. He grew up in Beijing but also considers himself a Bostonian. Shunshan is a big fan of American football, his favorite team is "The Great" New England Patriots and "The GOAT" Tom Brady is his man.