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AwardPuzzle for Desktop Beta 中文版 Project Info

AwardPuzzle was originally designed for a full HD screen installation, run offline. Accordingly, please excuse us, if it takes long to load, runs slow, or behaves not 100% as expected. For better performance, faster accessing devices with larger displays are recommended.

Please note:this version is for Desktops only, please visit Mobile Version for mobile devices.

Grid View

Grid View shows awards for oil paintings of 6th to 12th China National Exhibition of Fine Arts. The orders of paintings are from left to right and from top to bottom, they are the same as the orders in the officially published catalogs.
1. Browing: browse the paintings by moving mouse across the mosaics, and the panel on the right will show the detailed information about that painting.
2. Bigger picture: get a better view of the painting by clicking on the mosaic. Click on any black spot to make it go away.
3. Searching: click on one of the Tags of the painting, a search for that tag will be running. Or you can type in the searching box for anything you want to search, the application will search that string in authors` names, titles or tags. Be patient when a search is running, some searches are taking longer time; when `Search Result` shows a number, a search is done.
4. Buttons: click th buttons for yearly views, and pattern buttons for other mapping patterns.