"Design in the twenty-first century is of critical importance in both addressing these challenges and transforming them into opportunities to remake the world around us." Joel Towers, the Executive Dean of Parsons School of Design, said, "To do so, design education must change."

The Structural Formula of Design Colleges shows this current moment of design education over the world through a delicate structural perspective, to stimulate design educator to think about the past and next from now.

The structural formulas of Design Colleges visualized the data collected from 16 schools' official websites, such as parsons school, Art Center College of Design, MassArt, School of Visual Art, Central Academy of Art (China) and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art.

Some famous school looks small with a simple structure, and some else widely unknown possesses the more sectors and branches.

Later, when this project was selected by the international design education, We have designed two installations, to involve users into a explorative space with different views, looking through a pin hole or emerging into a tank.

Check out the following short video to show you structures of some of the design colleges:

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This work attended The Design Edge: Inside/Outside in the OCT-LOFT Creative Festival 2013 in Shenzhen China, November 2013